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18th Annual Trivia Night in Northern Kentucky Friday, Oct. 14th

2013-trivia-12016 registration

Celebrate KY LETR’s 30th anniversary in Edgewood Kentucky with a bunch of competitors dedicated to the pursuit of fun and trivia.  Raffles, Silent auction, Prizes for placing and dressing up.  Sodas and some light snacks provided, but feel free to bring your own too.

This year’s event sponsor is the Campbell County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #10!  Other sponsors include Edible arrangements, LaRosa’s Pizza,  GreenPac, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1, the City of Edgewood and the Duminuco Family.

Raffles and auction items include wine, gift cards, cosmetics, jewelry, LETR 30th Anniversary t-shirts, autographed Bengals memorabilia and a bridge pass for premium viewing of the 2017 WEBN fireworks.

Need more information to sponsor, donate or play?  Contact Amanda Donelan at 859 292-2225 or mailto:adonelan@covingtonky.gov

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