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Cops on a Rooftop with Dunkin’ Donuts

On May 19th, we ran our first statewide Law Enforcement “Cop on A Rooftop” at several Dunkin’ Donuts locations. This was a very exciting event where we had new agencies step up and participate. Statewide, the event raised $5,256.00!  Big shout out to the Owensboro Law Enforcement for topping the list, raising $1,563.00!  We received a lot of media attention. Here is a list of our Point of Contacts/Event Organizers and their departments. Please know how much we appreciate all the support!

Richmond: Constable Bryant Marcum of Madison County and Jerry Adair of the DEA – $175.00

Murray: Retired State Trooper, Ryan Dawson and Sam Steger, Sheriff of Calloway County – $275.00

Louisville hosted 2 locations.  Detective Brad Woolridge of Louisville Metro Police Department – $500.00

Somerset: Trooper David Burton of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and Jerry Adair of the DEA – $541.00

Lexington:  Officer Zach Downing of the University of Kentucky Police Department – $1,066.00

Erlanger: Assistant Chief Todd Brendel of the  Erlanger Police Department – $1,136.00

Owensboro:  Beth Wyatt of the FOP Auxiliary #16, Owensboro Police Department and the Daviess County Sheriff Office and Daviess County Jail – $1,563.00

Total Amount Raised – $5,256.00


It was a great kick-off for year-one. Our goal is to add additional stores next year. If you are in a location that has a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant which did not participate this year, then let’s work to get them on board for next year!

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