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Officers Pay Their Respects at a Texas Athlete’s Funeral

After over a dozen years of working with SOKY, I have had the pleasure to volunteer with a variety of law enforcement agencies and officers. The most amazing volunteers, parents and athletes have come into my world.  Witnessing how SOKY has influenced so many families and individuals has been touching, inspiring and motivating.  Although this is a site for the Kentucky Law Enforcement Torch Run, I tripped over this article from Texas that portrays a spirit I have personally seen both in Kentucky and in New York as well.


Please take a minute to personally interact with an athlete:  Go to a fundraiser, volunteer to help a coach, say hello when you are out to dinner and see someone wearing a Special Olympics shirt.  I promise you will be meeting a person who LOVES to talk about Special Olympics.  You will meet someone who inspires you to hold on to that memory.  Our SOKY athletes have remarkable spirit just like Ross Steele, the athlete from Texas.

Our athletes are important to us.  They make us better parents, better cops and better people!  Rest in peace Ross.

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