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DSCN1534Almost every law enforcement officer has taken an oath to “Serve and Protect”, but rarely do they take the “serving” part of that mission as far as they do at Law Enforcement Torch Run Tip-A-Cop events! Each spring at restaurants throughout Kentucky, law enforcement volunteers shed their badges and take up trays to help serving staffs take care of their customers. Helping fill drinks and bring bread, officers work for additional “tips” that then help fund Special Olympics events.

“Tip-A-Cop” events go by many different names in Kentucky — Cops and Cowboys at Texas Roadhouse, Cops Gone Wild at Buffalo Wild Wings, and Tip-O-Cop at O’Charley’s or Red Robin restaurants. Tip-A-Cops are fun for both officers and restaurant staff and guests and give the public the opportunity to get to know their law enforcement agents in a more casual, fun setting.

Tip-A-Cops require little more than a willing restaurant partner to get off the ground and as such can be held in any community. They generally span one day’s lunch and dinner shifts, but can run for longer periods.

For more information about how your agency can participate in Tip-A-Cop events, contact LETR Brad Woolridge at or Trish Mazzoni at or 502-695-8222

Tip-A-Cop Partners

  Buffalo Wild Wings Texas Roadhouse  

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