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Torch Run FAQs

What is the Torch Run?
The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics is an international series of torch relays run by law enforcement officers, leading up to each state/provincial or national Special Olympics Summer Games. The Torch Run, however, is NOT just a run. Additionally, the Torch Run initiative encompasses a variety of community-based fundraising vehicles such as t-shirt or merchandise sales, corporate sponsors and donors, special events such as Truck/Plane Pulls, Tip-A-Cop, Cops on Doughnut Shops, golf tournaments, trivia nights and polar plunges. The Torch Run is Special Olympics’ largest grassroots fundraiser and public awareness vehicle.

Who should I contact to get involved?
Check the list of Torch Run Area Contacts to find the appropriate individual in your area or contact Special Olympics Kentucky directly at 502-695-8222 or 800-633-7403.

How do the Torch Run programs work with Special Olympics?
Special Olympics is a resource for the local programs to help improve their Torch Run efforts. Special Olympics requests that Torch Run programs complete an annual Program Survey to record total funds raised by Torch Run for the year as well as to track best practices for fundraising events and sponsorships. Special Olympics supports the efforts of the Executive Council and disseminates information to programs.

What fundraising events can I do?
Possible events include, but are not limited to: Tip-A-Cop, Polar Bear Plunges, Plane and Truck Pulls, billboard or rooftop sits, golf tournaments, trivia nights, T-shirt sales, car washes, Arrest-A-Cops, raffles and other creative events that volunteers may design.

What logo should I use?
All Torch Run programs should use the official Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics logo. Torch Run programs may “personalize” the logo by adding their state/province or country name above the blue flame box. Contact Mark Buerger, (502) 695-8222 or for a copy of the Torch Run graphic standards.

What is the annual Torch Run International Conference?
The Torch Run International Conference is an annual event held in late October or early November each year with the goal of training Torch Run volunteers on best practices and sharing ideas and information with programs around the world. Local Torch Run Participants can be reimbursed the cost of attending the International Conference if your program has raised enough funds during the year. There are different reimbursement levels for amount raised.

Where can I get training on how to do a Torch Run?
The International Expansion Committee and Regional Coordinators are charged with assisting programs with their Torch Run training needs. Staff at Special Olympics may also provide materials and videos to introduce you to the Torch Run. You can contact Trevor Ford at

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2016 Flame of Hope Tour

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