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Torch Run Trivia Nights

Trivia NightTorch Run Trivia Nights are probably the most energetic and exciting of the common Law Enforcement Torch Run fundraising events. Eight-person teams gather to answer a series of 10 questions in 10 different subjects with the team that gets the most questions right taking home fabulous prizes (or a Trivia Night plaque — whatever works).

The actual trivia contest is just part of the fun. Many teams choose a theme that they used to decaorate their table. Teams also bring lavish food spreads in with them. And at some events awards are presented for best table decorations.

Trivia Nights can be held anywhere that is willing to host you. They have been held in the past at FOP halls, American Legion Hall, Lions Clubs and college campuses, and have been successful at all of those locations. They also come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 15 tables to 115.

The cost is $100 or $150 per team to participate and tickets can be sold for door prize drawings and split the pot drawings throughout the evening to raise more money. Depending on the location, food can also be sold as a fundraiser. The most important thing though is to make sure your teams have a great time.

Teams can come from anywhere. Generally, Torch Run volunteers spearhead selling tables to the events. Law Enforcement agencies, local companies and civic groups have all participated in trivia Night events in the past.

To find out how to start a Torch Run Trivia Night in your community or how you can help with an existing Trivia Night event, contact Trish Mazzoni at 502-695-8222 or

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